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Burning Dust

November 28, 2005

There is dust burning off of the lightbulbs in the lamp Dino Spouse just ignited behind me as I sit at the computer. This serves to remind me that I need to give Dino Spouse the speech about the importance of using appropriate wattage (seeing as how we’ve had two overhead light fixtures spontaneously explode in the past year). This is potentially a more dangerous problem than the Russian Garbage Disposal Jihad posed in its time, a couple of years back — not that having shot glasses go through a disposal is good for anyone’s health, but exploding glass in the air seems like an even worse idea. I could also take this as a sign that I need to dust.

There was no Sunday school today because of the Thanksgiving weekend. After a couple of hours of mother-in-law scrutiny, I fled the house this morning with the Dinos and Mouse and ran off to a park in the remotest part of Columbia, where they played happily for an hour or so while I read sale ads from the Sunday paper. Then, on a whim, we visited the Columbia Memorial Park, our planned community’s first and only cemetary. We don’t know anyone buried there, I was just curious to see what a Columbia cemetary would look like. I disliked the flat stones less than I had expected to, and I quite liked the way people had planted shrubs and trees as memorials along with marble benches. Skinny Dino read all the stones while Mouse and Juicy D looked at lawn statuary and fake flowers. I wonder what impression it made on them.

Thanksgiving this year looked promising, since it involved no travel and no one but ourselves in the house – the weather was too bad through the mountains for us to visit our parents and Papaw in West Virginia, Dino Nephew spent the holiday with his father, and Evil Seestor went to her boyfriend’s grandmother’s house. Alas, MIL went bonkers the night before and kept locking herself into her cave only to periodically emerge and try to pick a fight with whoever crossed her path first. To my everlasting regret, I suggested to Dino Spouse that I take his mother to – where else? – the slots to cheer her up and keep her from ruining Thanksgiving dinner, which was almost ready. So guess where I went Thursday afternoon?

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