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The Bond Of The Boop

June 9, 2006

I took ma belle-mere to the hospital today for her hysteroscopy. The doctor removed a couple of large but benign-looking polyps and sent us on our way. The biggest problem we encountered was the hospital’s new requirement that everything be translated to MIL by a translator on the phone instead of by yours truly because she hadn’t given me a medical power of attorney. Never mind that MIL is (at least in the eyes of the law) an adult competent to make rational decisions about her own health care and therefore (presumably) about her choice of translators. Apparently not being fluent in English is a form of mental disability. Who knew? Anyhow, the disembodied phone translator all but scared her to death with all the fine print and she looked like she was ready to bolt – but in the end she stuck it out. The legal forms software is on Babushka’s computer, and this weekend I shall certainly compose myself a medical power of attorney for future use.

This weekend is my great-aunt’s annual old time music festival. My grandfather, her brother, has been diagnosed with a recurrence of throat cancer and is set for an operation the following weekend. I think I’m going to load up Shoe Mobile and take the older Dinos to PattyFest for a quick extended family visit.

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