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July 23, 2006

Some weeks ago, Dino Spouse and I bought our first ever set of real (delivered by workers and assembled by someone other than us) new furniture. We got a sofa, loveseat, and chair combo at Jennifer Furniture while the kids cavorted through the showroom – they liked furniture shopping, as it turned out, so we got to check out a lot of stores before making our final selection. The set we liked on the showroom floor was modernish and light beige. I had Dino Spouse persuaded to spend the extra couple of hundred dollars on a different upholstery that would better conceal stains until he learned that this refinement would delay delivery of our furniture by three months. So we went with the light beige.

I was in fact hoping to spend our available dollars on a new dishwasher and a new oven. But Dino Spouse could no longer bear living with our high quality but shabby sleeper sofa, torn-up and soaked in children’s bodily fluids as it was, and insisted that we invest in some real furniture, already. A couple of weeks ago, we had a nice man with a truck come and take the old couch away, and the next day (to the great disappointment of the children, who were not happy to learn that their days of jumping on the couch with impunity were drawing to an end – they drew posters protesting the arrival of the new furniture and demanding the return of the old couch) the new stuff was delivered. Babushka promptly draped it in old blankets to protect it, then spent the next week coming upstairs several times every evening to make sure the children were not eating or drinking anywhere near it.

Today I bought slipcovers for the new furniture from Target. I took Mouse shopping with me over Babushka’s protests (“What if you forget her in the car?” she asked me) and she assisted me in acquiring the slipcovers as well as two giant tiki heads. I can’t find pictures of the giant tiki heads on the Target website, but they are over three feet tall and appear to be carved from wood. I’ve been eyeing them up for months as potential nightstands for the Dinos, and now that the price per tiki has dropped from $50+ to $13 – well, who could say no? I will hide them somehow and spring them on Skinny Dino as a birthday gift next month. The slipcovers cost about what we would have paid for the alternate upholstery choice, but I actually like them better than what we had picked out initially. They are dark red and gold (striped on the sofa, flecked on the chair) and dark beige (on the loveseat) and they make the room far more pleasant to look at than it’s been in at least 18 months.

The Dino Nest is generally decorated in hand-me-downs from the Protosaurs, stuff from the Salvation Army, and cast-offs from furniture store liquidation sales. We also have various dressers and bookcases from Ikea.

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