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The Eternal (Happy) Return

September 19, 2009

Now I am 39. Last night I was treated to a fine meal, my family’s birthday dinner plans for me having shifted to Sunday*. This morning finds me babysitting my niece and nephews while supervising a playdate for Mouse and luxuriating in the comfort of Eeeeeevil Seeestor’s home while she and her husband attend a wedding. The night’s delicacies (Wild boar! Oysters! Port! Cheeses!) are sitting much better now that I’ve had some breakfast and caffeine.

* We had planned a family dinner out for last night, but my mother-in-law has shifted to a regimen of eating once a day around 2PM and wasn’t going to make it without food ’til dinner hour. While it occurred to me that we might just dine without her, it seemed kinder (or less likely to provoke conflict, at any rate) to just have the family dinner in the daytime on Sunday, and Dino Spouse proposed that I party like a rock star with friends to celebrate on the day itself.

The other high point of the day was that part of the ceiling in our living room fell down. Turns out that there’s a leak in the tub faucet that’s been the cause of intermittant rain showers in my mother-in-law’s bathroom and our living room and, now, some gnarly water damage to the dry wall. The guy who came out from BGE Home was quick to diagnose the problem, but he couldn’t fix it because the tools got stolen out of his truck. So that will be next week’s problem. At least it’s stopped dripping.

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  1. The Mascot permalink
    September 21, 2009 3:32 am

    The good thing is that you’re not old yet. That happens next year.

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