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Snowed In

February 8, 2010

Dino Spouse and I broke our cars out this morning from behind the meter-high retaining wall left behind when our HOA finally plowed out our cul-de-sac last night. We got about three feet of snow Friday through Saturday. We both had doctor’s appointments today (and two for Babushka, for good measure), but that wasn’t the real driver behind the break-out. No, when the nicotine ran out last night, I knew that we didn’t have long before one of us would have to venture out beyond our street.

This morning the kids played for a good 90 minutes or so on the giant snow mountains that sprung up in the center of the cul-de-sac after the plows came through. This was their best play time so far – the boys were not enslaved for shoveling purposes, plus my belle-mere was at the doctor and therefore could not holler at them everytime they got visibly covered with snow.

(“That’s not very nice,” objects the oldest, who has asked to be renamed [USSR] $l!pknot but will be disappointed.)

(“Make sure my name is Dino Mouse!” adds Mouse.)

My blog entry about work-life balance got linked at Katherine Lewis’s blog carnival thingie. Yay!

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