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hate hate hate hate hate

April 21, 2012

There’s some hip-hop ditty on the radio these days with a refrain of “cake cake cake cake.” The children wince when Dino Spouse and I change this to “kate kate kate kate.” Now I keep myself from involuntarily muttering profanities by singing “hate hate hate hate” or repeating same in the voice of Beavis from “Beavis and Butthead.”

We (the me and kids version) moved 95% to Alexandria yesterday. Today we were back in Columbia doing domestic errands for most of the day. My goal had been to finish clearing food and random items out of the house, but that plan lost out to:

* Making a run to AllCare when I realized there were no refills left on my empty bottle of Enjuvia (my hormone replacement pills that stave off hot flashes, mood swings, and God knows what other horrors of menopause that will surely present themselves should I miss a dose).

* Assisting Dino Spouse in selecting a laptop from Wal-Mart and configuring it.

* Hyperventilating.

Falling asleep now as I type. Time to go inflate air mattress. Fortunately (a) it’s one that self-inflates and (b) Mouse still thinks it’s a fun adventure to sleep on.

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